Charter meeting of the Central Florida Electric Vehicle Association 1/30/2011 7:30 PM
The charter meeting was held at Penner's in Altamonte Springs, 696 East Altamonte Drive. In attendance were Larry Wexler - President, Ken Watkins -Vice President, Al Lococo - Secretary, Will Gorman Treasurer and Diane Lococo - Guest. Larry discussed EVents and activities he has planned. In 2011 Central Florida will be hosting many electric car events, thanks to the Central Florida Electric Vehicle Association. Electric vehicles and the infrastructure that supports them will finally be getting a jump-spark! See our FACEBOOK public page: He mentioned last weeks EVent at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on January 22n Our next EVent, a car show for your pure electric cars and plug in hybrids. If you have a vehicle you can drive it through the tunnel, under the world’s most famous race track Daytona Speedway. On March 26th, 27, and 28th @ their Spring Car Show: . Please be sure to get your electric car there. This could be the World’s most famous gathering of the electric car people, vehicles, related EV parts, green minded industry, and of course the other 4000 classic & HI-END car people. See how you can ride around the race track in Larry's solar car. (200 pound adult passenger limit or two children ok). We will all be located in a prominent location next to the world famous drag racer Don Garlits. Night time activities including electric drag racing and motocross on the speedway are in the plan. First 5 companies who sign also get their stay on the infield campgrounds complimentary. If you just have a vehicle to exhibit, please feel free to register on the site. Be sure to mention (code: EV) you have an electric vehicle to be included with us. Will mentioned that he has considered doing a conversion, but has decided to register for a Nissan Leaf. He plans to attend the Nissan Test Drive event at UCF this weekend, February 4 - 6, which we all plan to participate in. Ken explained his Mazda Miata conversion which he drove to the meeting. He explained his 120 volt DC conversion. A beautiful red two seater. He did a particularly nice job on the suspension which he explained, this is a stumbling block on many conversions. After the meeting we all went out for close look at this car. Ken has found a job at the college in the Automotive Department where he can pursue his EV interests. He has access to a well equipped garage and can pass on his skills and experience to the students. Larry and Ken discussed an event next weekend in Lake Mary which conflicts with the UCF event. Al offered to setup a web site and Will said he could help, they agreed to discuss a strategy for handling setting up the website offline. Al mentioned that he is reluctant to participate in a group that is exclusively centered in Orlando. The group agreed that it would truly be a Central Florida Group and we will meet in Winter Haven at least once a year. Other Central Florida location would also be considered. Cheers, Al Lococo Secretary CFEVA Sent from my iPad "Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know." M. King Hubbert